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Dear Joe Company, Thank you so very much for doing such a great job. My husband Joe and I have been renovating my family home for sale so that my sister will benefit from the profits. She lived there all her life with our mother until she died in July 2010. We have kept her in the house for two additional years but the time has come to sell their forty five year old home. As a result, we have hired approximately 25 contractors of many skills. We wanted you to know how impressed we were with you and your crew. You each were patient, efficient, effective, respectful, neat, and clean, all with great attention to detail. Please know that you are our #1 contractor! All too often you get to hear customer’s complaints (or not many in your case), but thought you should hear our accolades. Congratulations on a job well done! Thank you very much again! Sincerely,Karen Kennedy – Santos Joe Santos
Karen Kennedy – Santos Joe Santos
Regards Joe & Dawn Cruz & entire “Team”, Just wanted to be sure that we join in with so many other testimonials. Like them we found your entire team, from your office manager Nichole and your estimator Keith, to your entire on-site crew that supports and represents both you, Joe and Dawn, to be extremely professional and informative. All represented you well, it's obvious that they all have a great deal of respect working under your management and with each other. When we bought our home 2 months ago, we were aware of our need to demo & rebuild our 140+ food solid concrete retaining wall, with its scary cracked 75 degree lean over my new neighbor's driveway and varied sloped graded property. What we did not expect was our new home insurance to demand repair immediately to this 30+ year old issue, in mid-November, with snow in the air. After numerous quotes and discussions with similar contractors, we found your rep Keith approached these discussions with confidence in your team's ability and that it was a job that would be done with thought and expedited with state of the art equipment and experienced workers. All other bidders seemed a bit in awe of the massive task at hand and waffled about pricing, timing, and plan of attack. I understood Joe Cruz's military background and engineering degree from Wentworth, and as a mechanical engineer myself for Raytheon Undersea/Navy in Portsmouth, thought you would attack my dilemma directly and with a common sense design approach. I certainly saw that in the final straight and perpendicular lines of the wall, from its calculated underground stepping you figured in to get there, was a real moving target! When work began in early December, your team showed up early each day to begin each phase of the project, coldest days of the year, some with zero degree wind chills. The “entire” team brought the “beast” of a wall down in a day, working the entire day until complete. Not only did it amaze me, but my neighbor as well, whose property and narrow driveway he had reluctantly agreed to allow access to. Cruz Construction not only proved to be professional that day, with maneuvering in such a narrow area with large equipment, they also used great sense and people skills in gaining my neighbor's confidence. Thank you CRUZ for helping me with that and using diplomacy, making him feel part of your project. WHAT IMPRESSED ME THE MOST>>>
  1. Your team was able to demo and remove 2'x4'x104', 50 year old rocky concrete wall and footing within 8 hours
  2. ”THEN” re-grade and re-gravel prep, keeping the occasional landslides under control
  3. ”THEN” engineer and rebuild (plumbed to home) stacked 2'x2'x4' large landscaping blocks; Each at 1+ ton (2200lbs.), where lined end/end, runs over the length of a 300 foot football field at a total of 80+ tons (160,000+ lbs.) *That would be equivalent to crushing 160x Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide Ultras at 1000 obs, each into 2,x2'x2' blocks -or- crushing 80x 1971 Volkswagen Bugs at 2000 lbs. each into 2'x2'x4'x blocks
  4. ”AND” ALL completed, trimmed, and swept clean, within 4 working days, with pricing estimates as discussed
  Thank you and with great respect to all, We will reference your professionalism and skills any time... Phil & Eileen LaRivierePhil & Eileen LaRiviere
Phil & Eileen LaRiviere
Joe,Thanks for a fine job of laying down our driveway. The Cape Cod berm looks great and will help to keep the mulch in its place. With the rainy weather we're having, we can appreciate how well the water is traveling across the driveway and down the side of our property. Thanks Again, Roney & Rita Brunetti
Roney & Rita Brunetti
Roney & Rita Brunetti
Hi Joe, Thanking you for a wonderful job and much professional service from workers, office staff and of course Joe. We have received wonderful compliments on our new driveway. I have taken some pictures of the driveway before and after the epoxy and will send them when I print them up. Once again - THANK YOU! Barbara & Ed FlannaganBarbara & Ed Flannagan
Barbara & Ed Flannagan
Dear CRUZ Construction, Thanks for a job very well done!! We commend your work crew for their politeness, efficiency, and attention to detail. We will be happy to recommend you whenever the occasion arises. Sincerely, Kathy & LanceKathy & Lance
Kathy & Lance
Dear Joe, Dalia and I want to thank you and your crew very much for the great job in creating our new driveway/walkway. Your staff was very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable in the work they did. We look forward to contacting you in the spring of 2015 for you to provide the stamping/coloring of our walkway. Please do not hesitate to use our names as a reference source on any proposals you may have in the future. Finally, continued success to all at Cruz Construction. Yours truly, John L. Pucci Partner JLP:aaJohn L. Pucci
John L. PucciPartner at JLP
Hi Dawn,Please tell Joe that he & his crew did a wonderful job. I LOVE IT! I've received many compliments from people. His crew was nice to work with; they were polite and followed through on everything they said they would do. They didn't even leave a mess! Regards & Thanks, JoAnn
Joe, I just wanted to thank you for everything you did regarding the connection of my property to the town's sewer system. Not only did your guys do a great job, you were very helpful with details regarding the Town, DEM, and Narragansett Bay Commission requirements. I had called another company requesting a quote right before I called your office. While I was able to get an appointment with you the very next day, the other company did not return my call for over a week. I also appreciate having the project done the very next week. Thanks again for a job well done! Simonne PicardSimonne Picard
Simonne Picard
Hi Joe,"SERVICE, REPUTATION, EXPERIENCE" certainly describes the way you do business. Just want to say thanks for the note, great job, great service, and for keeping me informed as to when you were coming. I love my stamped driveway and the cement walk to my front door looks great. Even with the pollen changing some of it to green! If more contractors would only learn from you and be more up front in letting their customers know when they are or are not coming, it would make dealing with them much more pleasurable. Most of the times it's a fight with phone calls not returned and interminable waiting. I have second thoughts about using them. I would recommend you and your crew any time. If you can find the name of some snow melt that won't damage the cement and the driveway, please let me know. Thanks again, Dottie
Hello Nicole, Please convey my complete satisfaction on the work Joe and his super-crew did on my property, 27 Parker Street, Lincoln, RI. I am most pleased with their workmanship and professionalism.........Best money spent all year!!!!!.....and I spent some in 2014 let me tell you! Everything from the originating phone call with you, Nicole...the follow through and process with the labor and selection of materials.....Out Freakin' Standing! Joe Cruz is awesome....Cruz Construction, my favorite dig a ditch contractor......Love em! Respectfully, Professionally Yours, Ronald Mozart TaillonRonald Mozart Taillon
Ronald Mozart Taillon
Joe,Your guys did an excellent job. It's obvious that they take alot of pride in the neat and good work that they do. Thank you, Stan Koczera
Stan Koczera
Stan Koczera