Should I use concrete or asphalt?

It is customer preference. If you would like a black driveway choose asphalt. If you would like a grey driveway choose concrete.

  • Pros of asphalt: cost effective, flexible and easily repaired
  • Pros of concrete: harder than asphalt, better for patios

How thick is the asphalt?

Cruz Construction’s asphalt is 3” after compaction.

What do you use for a base?

We use reprocessed asphalt for the base of your driveway.

Why are there tire marks in my driveway?

Asphalt is petroleum based and therefore remains soft till the surface oil evaporates. This could take up to a year. Sun and hot weather help it cure but can also soften new asphalt on a hot day. If tire marks occur they can easily be repaired.

Can I use stamped asphalt on my patio?

Asphalt is too soft for patios, the legs of chairs and tables will make holes. The stamped asphalt works great for walkways.

How long does the epoxy on stamp asphalt last?

The epoxy on stamped asphalt lasts approximately 5 years.

Do I need a permit to put in a driveway?

Some towns do require a permit. Our advice would be to check with your town first.

How long will a new driveway last?

Your new driveway should last approximately 20 years.

How long before I can park on my new driveway?

In normal weather conditions your driveway will be set in 24 hours.

Why are there stones in my new asphalt driveway?

The asphalt is made with stones. The stones provide strength, durability and add the stability to asphalt. If there were no stones it would not hold up to vehicle traffic.

How long before I have to Seal Coat it?

You should wait 2 full seasons before Seal Coating to allow the petroleum to evaporate completely to harden up. You can tell if the petroleum has evaporated by the lighter color.

Can I stamp old asphalt?

If it’s less than 3 years old we can reheat the asphalt and stamp it.